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EZ-LS Conversion Kit - Product Spotlight
SST has taken the headache out of converting to an LS engine with our new EZ-LS kit. This allows you to bolt an LS engine to an existing Tremec TKO or Muncie (26 spline) 4 speed with no guesswork and eliminate the old mechanical clutch linkage.
How To: Dial-In a Bellhousing
The best thing you can do to ensure the longevity of your new transmission is to make sure the engine crankshaft and input shaft are in as straight a line as possible. In fact, this is a requirement of SST’s warranty.
The Shelby Guy
Sometimes customers go above and beyond and detail their entire build for others who may be thinking of doing the same. If you have a Mustang, this is must read!
We're on it!
We know you'll be impressed with our order and shipment process. Randy was. He said we were on it!


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