EZ-LS Conversion Kit - Product Spotlight

EZ-LT Kit also available!

LS swaps are extremely popular and unless you work with classic cars on a daily basis, they can seem complicated.

Say hello to EZ! SST has taken the headache out of converting to an LS engine with our new EZ-LS kit. This allows you to bolt an LS engine to an existing Tremec TKO or Muncie (26 spline) 4 speed with no guesswork and eliminate the old mechanical clutch linkage.

Quit putting that conversion off and call today!

Silver Sport Transmissions EZ-LS Conversion Kit

Complete EZ-LS Conversion Kit includes:

  • Long-life needle roller pilot bearing
  • Billet steel flywheel with bolts
  • McLeod Racing high-performance clutch kit with bolts
  • SST’s Super Duty titanium-aluminum bellhousing. 12 o’clock bolt and 4.685” bore
  • Complete hydraulic clutch conversion kit with detailed installation instructions. OEM style CSC bearing has 1,000,000 duty cycle life.

The pilot bearing, bellhousing and flywheel can also be purchased separately if you’re using something other than a Tremec TKO, TKX, or Muncie. The bellhousing register hole is the standard 4.685” opening that will accept any transmission having the same Muncie style bolt pattern, register hole requirement and input shaft length/pilot diameter. 

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