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Driveline Experts

Silver Sport Transmissions’ experience runs deep. Our in-house engineers, sales representatives, and technical service representatives provide over 100 years of combined experience in overdrive transmission conversion kits. Our PerfectFit™ kits are in more vehicles than any other kit on the market.

Highest Quality & Innovation

Kit components are unique to each application and are made to last using only the highest-grade parts. Our transmissions are modified to achieve the correct shifter location and minimize tunnel interference and are quality checked for leaks, noise, and performance. No one else performs all the testing we do.

One Stop Shop

Silver Sport Transmissions is a one-stop source for all of your powertrain needs. From the engine to the axle, we can help you build a powertrain that fits your application and intended use. We have automatic and TREMEC® manual transmission kits, hydraulic kits, pedals, crossmembers, clutches, flywheels, and more!



What’s That Sound? Gear Rollover And How To Reduce The Noise

Sep 26,2023

Vehicles that have been modified are going to make some interesting noises versus unmodified rides. Some of these noises can be a sign of trouble, while others are just a part of what you deal with when you dri...

Ford Muscle: STX Shifter Sets Standard For Smooth Shifting

Jul 28,2023

Silver Sport Transmissions proudly presents their line of STX short throw shifters, and they aren’t exaggerating when they claim it is “smooth as butter, quick as lightning.” These shifters of...

MotorTrend - New Budget Overdrive Kit for the Chevy Corvette C3’s Tremec T-5

Apr 20,2023

This is the story of the T-5 Challenge, as we've decided to call it. Silver Sport Transmissions (SST) presented its engineering team with said T-5 Challenge, but unlike those TikTok challenges, this one had...

Ford Muscle - Project Apex Shifts Into Sixth Gear With New Transmission Conversion

Aug 25,2022

Since the birth of the automobile, manufacturers have been trying to make cars less user-involved and more reliant on the latest technology.

What is a PerfectFit Kit and why is it so important?

Feb 17,2022

Silver Sport Transmissions' PerfectFit™ Kits have many benefits and addresses many of the concerns you may have regarding the installation of a TREMEC 5 or 6-speed or A41 Automatic into your classic c...

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