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MAP Pricing

Silver Sport Transmissions is adopting a comprehensive MAP policy for its products. While Silver Sport Tranmissions currently has an existing MAP pricing policy in place, this is the first edition of its policy in written form. This policy is dated February 1, 2022 with an effective date of March 1, 2022.

1. PURPOSE. Silver Sport Transmissions is instituting this MAP policy in an effort to protect the Silver Sport Transmissions brand name from degradation due to low advertised prices. Silver Sport Transmissions is a well-respected brand-name in the automotive field – specifically within the driveline segment – and has made it a goal to nurture its brand-name and protect against anything that may erode same. Declining advertised pricing creates the likelihood that Silver Sport Transmissions’ brand will be viewed in a negative light as an inferior or cheap product. This policy is aimed at preventing the aforementioned from occurring.


a. MAP Pricing is defined in the Silver Sport Transmissions PIES Price Sheet as Retail MAP. Silver Sport Transmissions MAP pricing is also defined as Retail MAP in our electronic PIES data feeds. No other price files or data feeds should be used to determine MAP.

b. Advertising is defined under this policy as any form of commerce in which a Silver Sport Transmissions product is listed at a particular price, including but not limited to: internet advertising (including not only an advertised price at an e-commerce store but also any and all social media postings), print advertising (catalog, brochure, letter), e-mail, or online auction;

c. All customers of Silver Sport Transmissions agree not to advertise Silver Sport Transmissions products below the set MAP price determined by Silver Sport Transmissions

d. It is considered a violation of this policy to indicate in advertising that a lower price is available by contacting Silver Sport Transmissions’ customers;

e. This MAP policy includes all current and future Silver Sport Transmissions Part numbers;

f. MAP prices for each of the aforementioned product numbers will be found in updated Silver Sport Transmissions' pricing lists or by request to Silver Sport Transmissions.


a) On a limited basis, a customer may, at the sole discretion of Silver Sport Transmissions and requiring prior approval, list one of the aforementioned McLeod items for sale below MAP for a limited time. A sale may not be deeper than 8% of MAP (eg: if MAP is set at $100, the item may not be advertised for sale for less than $92) nor will a sale run for more than 31 calendar days;

b) Limited social media announcements regarding a sale of a MAP protected item may occur in conjunction with Silver Sport Transmissions’ “Dealer of the Race” program or other “special” program only in conjunction with and approved by Silver Sport Transmissions.

4. VIOLATIONS. In the event that a customer of Silver Sport Transmissions violates the MAP price, Silver Sport Transmissions will make all reasonable attempts to notify the said customer of its violation. If the MAP violation is not corrected in an expedient manner, Silver Sport Transmissions shall take the following remedial steps to protect its brand:

a) 1st violation – written warning with 24 hours given to correct the MAP violation;

b) 2nd violation – suspension of a customer’s account and freezing of any product shipments to customer until the violation is corrected;

c) 3rd violation – customer forfeiture of any and all promotional funding;

d) 4th violation – termination of a customer’s account;

5. DISCLAIMER. This MAP policy is in no way attempting to control the price that a customer actually sells one of the aforementioned products for. This policy is strictly created to prevent advertising of Silver Sport Transmissions products below a certain threshold so as to maintain brand credibility. Nothing in this policy should be construed as dictating the final sale price of any item under this policy.

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