Silver Sport Transmissions

We got ya, Joe!
Our customers are pleasantly surprised when they call on a Saturday for tech support and we're ready to answer their questions! Joe details his experience.
Corvette Lover's Dream
We have several loyal shops that specialize in Corvettes around the country. Our Corvette PerfectFit Kits are second to none and Corvette Connection took the time to let us know what they thought of their first purchase from us.
You can't beat word of mouth!
You can have the fanciest ads and the best website, but without satisfied customers passing on praises, we'd be nowhere. Jim heard about us from his local transmission shop!
The Bottom Line
Michael needed some tech support help for his 1971 Corvette transmission installation, but in the end, all that matters is that bottom line!
Absolute Pleasure
Mike took a moment to thank us for a pleasurable business transaction. We like to make the process both simple and informed for our customers. It's great to be acknowledged.
Ready for the Long Haul
Mark and Kim sent us their thoughts after completing Hot Rod Power Tour with a TREMEC 5-Speed from Silver Sport Transmissions.


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