Silver Sport Transmissions

Improving Shifter Dynamics
"When it comes to the Tremec T-56 and TKO 500, Silver Sport makes sure that the shifter not only fits factory consoles or locations, but that the shift feel is a better experience overall for the vehicle owner."
Taking the Extra Step
"We’ve all seen it before: you go into a shop and after a quick look around you start to wonder if you should have any work done there. When it comes to our babies, we want the shop to take the same pride in our cars that we take in them, and that’s a rare thing to find these days."
PerfectFit Automatic Transmission Kits
Replace your tired 904, 727, 518, Powerglide, TH350 (Turbo 350), TH400 (Turbo 400), 200R4 (200-4R) or 700R4 with modern technology that offers better acceleration and a 30% reduction in cruising rpms.
The PerfectFit Difference
"Or you can go with a complete transmission kit that has everything you need, including a hydraulic clutch system and the correct crossmember, from Silver Sport Transmissions. Its PerfectFit Powertrain Solutions will provide all the hardware and components needed to swap a modern transmission, like the Tremec T-56 Magnum, into a classic car."
Raybestos Build - 69 Mustang
"Raybestos, in partnership with Schwartz Performance, has released renderings of a restomod Mustang that it will give away to one lucky grand prize winner next year. And lucky may just be an understatement. Our friends at Silver Sport Transmissions have also jumped on board to sponsor this amazing build."
The Sublime HEMI Charger
"If you went to your prom in the 1970s, chances are you had a pretty cool car to drive because you wanted to impress your date. For yours truly, it was a 1976 Buick Le Sabre with the 455, and it was a very cool ride. Plenty of power, and plenty of class, and the skinny pedal was mashed a few times more than it should have been (sorry, Grammy)."


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