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McLeod RST and RXT Adapter Ring Diagrams Make Installation Easier

Street legal performance cars today are more powerful than ever before. It would seem that while a decade ago 500 hp made you the big dog in your hometown, today it’s just the starting point.

Many of those that are making these insane power levels are also still rowing their own gears. If you’re rowing those gears, and you’re not driving what would be considered a full-on race car, then you’re probably running something heavy duty in the clutch department.


How to Bleed your McLeod Hydraulic Bearing.
This tech article is for bleeding your 1300 Series or 1400 Series McLeod Racing Hydraulic Bearing only! If your using a OEM GM/Ford/Mopar bearing refer to the shop service manual of the specific manufacturer you are using.
Dream Truck
The best part of the job is helping our customers make their dreams come true. Jesse has a dream for his 1966 Chevy truck...
Above and Beyond
Ray points out that anyone can sell a product, but in his experience, SST goes above and beyond for their customers.
Next Gen Wrenchers
Jack wrote us to let us know he's slowly but steadily finishing up his build, but it wasn't him who deserved the credit, but his teenage son!


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