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Black Mamba Delivers a Competitive Strike
"While the car is an interesting story in and of itself, we also love to talk about Corvettes in terms of a life-long passion, and how an individual generated such a connection with America’ sports car. In this case, Scott had a number of things to say, as he has been a true Corvette fanatic for nearly his entire life."
Justice for Donny - Street Legal TV
"This past May, a 49-year-old Donald Bachman was gunned down in front of his home in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, and his killer is still at large. It was just days after his birthday, and there is speculation that this crime occurred because Bachman was a member of his community crime watch, and helped shut down a drug house in his neighborhood."
Street Legal TV on Gearing
"The math in this latest blog post from SST is about rearend gearing, and how to choose the right gearing for your musclecar. Gearing isn’t just about speed, it’s about torque, it’s about economy, and it’s about engine rpm – and don’t forget to throw in tire diameter for good measure."


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