A 6-Speed with a Factory Look for the C3

November 20, 2015

The Tremec Magnum 6-Speed is a favorite among car enthusiasts because of the 700 lb-ft torque capacity and the extra overdrive. However, the Magnum is much larger than the OEM transmission in classic cars and the Magnum has only two factory shifter positions to choose from while there are a great variety of shifter locations in classic cars. Going with the Magnum always meant major surgery, crossmember fabrication, and a completely custom interior.

6 Speed TREMEC Magnum for Corvette

Silver Sport Transmissions new PerfectFit™ Kit for 1968-1982 Corvettes takes the Magnum and modifies the shifter position so that it comes up in the factory location. It allows the manual transmission console original to these model years to be reused. It also comes with a new shift pattern plate that stays true to the original, but has two extra gears. In fact, without this shift plate, it would be impossible to differentiate between a stock car and one with SST’s 6-speed PerfectFit™ Kit just by looking at the car’s interior.

The SST shifter tower is much more compact than the Tremec stock shifter tower and the throws are shorter and more concise thanks to the design of the shifter mechanism and the positive dual spring biasing. This compact shifter tower allows the console to be reused. 

SST’s PerfectFit™ Kit also comes with a new crossmember insert that will replace the factory welded-in crossmember. The new removable crossmember will not only work with the factory exhaust and emergency brake cable/pulley, but it also leaves clearance for the Magnum to stay within the correct driveline angle. It’s a steel crossmember, solidly built to maintain the integrity of the car’s frame.

In conjunction with the T56 PerfectFit Kit for C3, SST improved upon the Hydraulic PerfectFit Kit for C3s. As with all of SST’s PerfectFit™ kits, complete instructions, tunnel patch, cutting template, and everything you need for a complete install is provided; these are complete, turnkey kits.  More Tremec Magnum and TKO PerfectFit™ Kits are in the development stage now and the PerfectFit™ line will continue to expand.


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