Ryan Buck's Stepchild

This is a post Ryan added to his Facebook page about all the mods he has made to his car (See the original post).

The beginning of summer marks the rebirth of thestepchild. There are quite a few people to acknowledge that made this possible. Without their help and support this never would have been possible and each role was just as critical as the next.

First and most importantly I need to thank my wonderful wife Sarah for allowing me to live in the garage this winter and her great photos. Hundreds of hours of time were taken away from family life to make this possible. As we all know time is the one thing we can never get back.

The Camaro was deemed the step child by my friends because it quickly took a back seat to our Nova when it came around. I had it set in my mind that the Camaro would remain mostly untouched from that point on regarding major upgrades. But at the 2016 fm3roadtrip carsandcones Jeff Schwartz selected me as one of the recipients of a chassis to be awarded. Not only was I completely surprised to receive it but now the gears in my head started turning. Nick Lingua is a true man of integrity and with out his rock solid principals and friendship I may have only received half of a chassis.

The car was manufactured in Cali and spent it's life there until I bought it at a car show in 99. I drove this car as a daily driver in high school, I met my wife in this car cruising University Ave and have many memories with it over the years. I did my first autocross in this car on 20 year old tires and a bone stock suspension.

Now the car sits on a Schwartz Performance G-machine chassis. It is a full frame design replacing the original unibody subframe set up. It is designed and manufactured in house at Schwartz Performance. Out back is a 9" full floating rear end and up front is controlled by a power rack. Braking is handled by a combination package from Wilwood Disc Brakes and Schwartz Performance. RideTech single adjustable shocks round out the package.

I spent many hours taking measurements and more measurements to come to the conclusion that yes I can fit a Falken 315k+ tire up front and not sacrifice turning radius or chop the fenders. Those 12.6" front tires fit in the original wheel openings without flares or sectioning of the outer fender. Full inner fenders were a must have for me though and Scott Pomeroy was critical in helping make that happen. We brain stormed together and he made my hack fenders look great. Proof that you can polish a turd. American Racing Wheels made a gorgeous set of VF498 11" light weight wheels for the car. I had been eyeing these up for a while to use on another project and the time came to finally order a set. The red accent paint is a limited Imola Red from BMW which is very reactive to light. It changes many shades but always looks killer against the white and black paint.

Speaking of paint Michael Osterman who painted the Nova also handled paint work on this car. He thrashed very quickly to strip the 11 layers of paint and primer off and get it ready for a nice fresh coat. Fortunately for every one there was no more rust than the size of my fist in this Cali born Camaro. The paint choice was simple. Keep it as the car we had so many memories with. Subtle changes were made but there is no mistaking which car it is.

Aside from from the G-machine chassis the Camaro received another huge improvement. A 427 SBC!! Talk about living out a fantasy from your youth. That number is so iconic and back it with a stick shift and you have every movie car chase scene at your finger tips. Clay and the gang at T.P.I. Specialties Inc. (T.P.I.S.) put together a killer package. AFR - Air Flow Research heads were an obvious choice for us. We also stepped up to the AFR Titan TXR composite intake. This combo is a beast trapped in a cage at 625+ hp and 590 torque. It is very streetable and delivers instant power on demand all through a dynamite custom carb from The Carburetor Shop. Banging gears is handled by a T56 magnum from Silver Sport Transmissions. Their in house shifter design is the best on the market. It is lightning fast and very smooth. This 427 is no sleeper with 3" stainless Borla Exhaust and the awesome sounding #Atak #cratemufflers.

There are so many people to thank and unfortunately I can't cover everyone here but please don't think that your help and support are not appreciated. I truly mean it when I say that this project could not have happened if one of you had not pitched in.

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