MotorTrend - New Budget Overdrive Kit for the Chevy Corvette C3’s Tremec T-5

This is the story of the T-5 Challenge, as we've decided to call it. Silver Sport Transmissions (SST) presented its engineering team with said T-5 Challenge, but unlike those TikTok challenges, this one had an innovative, useful purpose. The company is already known for its PerfectFit Tremec transmission kits, but the matter at hand here was about how to design the company's "first T-5 kit for the 1968-1979 Chevrolet Corvette to give moderately powered Corvettes a second, more affordable option for an overdrive five-speed transmission," SST explained. It began with the engineering team pouring over all the info they already had on the Corvette and TREMEC T-5 to determine where the T-5's shifter position would need to be, for example. Continue Reading

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