Informative and Complete

Hi Jack,

Thank you for all the information. The big plus with your Company is the completeness and descriptions you give with your Kits and the ongoing information you give both before and after purchase. I have probably mentioned before, that there are also premium Tremec Distributors here in Australia. However, not one of them gives the Kit descriptions and continuing information your Company gives.

Very happy to purchase from your Company and I am certainly looking forward to having the Transmission in my Corvette. I have received the shipping information and Warranty Information. May have a little trouble with inspections as I will not see the items until they arrive at the Importer here in Australia. However, I have used this Importer previously and have never had any issues with damage, missing parts, etc.

Thanks again to you and your Company for being informative and complete and I will take photos of the ongoing installation and send them on to you.

Kind regards,

Lindsay P

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